It’s painful to pay players when they are not performing, says Mnisi


Highlands co-director Sinky Mnisi believes professional footballers should earn their bread and butter by simply performing on the field of play as it is “painful” to pay players who are not delivering.

Mnisi says it is not about what the team can do for players, but what they can do for the team.

“Yes, we accept and understand that we’ve entered into a contract with players but at the same time, it is painful at the end of the month as an owner or a company that we need to pay some players full salaries, in the meantime, those players are not doing enough for the team,” Mnisi told Sowetan.

Mnisi went on to say that the R2.5m monthly grant from the PSL is not enough to pay salaries of players and staff.

“As much as I understand that people are saying the team should pay salaries, it is a bit difficult because our sponsors’ operations are closed at the moment [Hatfield VW and Jonsson Workwear].

“We are also feeling the pinch that other teams are feeling. There is no money coming in. There is a lot of money going out. We still have to look after the players’ needs and all that. Surely, sooner or later, there will be more problems,” concluded Mnisi.

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