Jambo: I trust Chiefs will never run out of talent


Former Kaizer Chiefs left back Jimmy Jambo, whose career was cut short by a knee injury is currently with the club’s Development Academy as the U-15 team coach.

Like all the development teams, Jambo’s team is training from home with some support from the coaches who try to keep regular contact with the players.

“I did not take it well simply because it kept away from my livelihood, which is football,” says the Zimbabwean-born coach. “I thought it was necessary for the Lockdown as a way to reduce the rate of infections.

“It was important to call the players individually to explain the situation when it all started. When it comes to training, we had to use the team WhatsApp group to communicate messages to the boys.”

Jambo is happy with the way the youngsters are responding to the lockdown. Picture: Kaizer Chiefs.

“In terms of discipline we are very happy as a collective of the development technical team,” he adds. “The boys are responsible. I am also happy to observe the young fellows are following the home programme we provided. This is encouraging for the future.”

Soft skills are critical in development as Jambo points out: “Other than the technical and tactical skills, I help them with life skills. We assure them as their all in one guardian. We are pushing them to focus on their education as well. So we don’t leave out any detail.

“The most challenges we encounter is that some of the youngsters come from disadvantaged families whereby managing school and training logistics pose a challenge. But as coaches, we chip in here and there to help the boys to achieve their goals. You can see in their eyes they want to become professionals.”

Jambo emphasises the importance of working together with the parents and guardians to Chiefs Development Programme.

“I wish to advise the parents and the guardians to keep working together with us. Developing players is a joint effort and requires teamwork. Otherwise, the future is bright for these youngsters. With the kind of support the Club is investing in the Academy, I trust Chiefs will never run out of talent.”

In conclusion, Jambo says he is personally doing well and taking all the necessary precautionary measures to keep safe from the coronavirus pandemic. His message is that we must remember safety is not only for you as an individual but is protecting family and friends too.

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