Jele: Let’s stand together in solidarity to defend against this Covid-19 opponent


Orlando Pirates captain Happy Jele has called on all football fans and South Africans to work together as defenders and prevent the deadly coronavirus from scoring and spreading.

As an experienced defender, Jele says South Africans need to work together as a rock-solid backine by staying at home, practice good hygiene and give coronavirus a red card.

“I think the most important thing is let’s stay at home, and be safe,” says the Pirates skipper.

“So South Africa, let’s stand together in solidarity to defend against this COVID-19 opponent.” – Jele. Picture courtesy of Kaizer Chiefs.

Jele is a captain of one of the biggest clubs in Africa and believes that knowing the strengths and weaknesses of an attacker, positioning himself well is important to ensuring that he performs his defensive duties well and urges South Africans to defend against Covid-19 and know the signs and symptoms of the virus.

“To be a good defender you need to always stay on your feet and always mark your player. You need to see what’s coming and be ready to react.”

“People need to know the signs and symptoms of this virus. If you’re dizzy, or if you’re coughing and your throat is sore, or if you’re sneezing and your nose is blocked all the time – those are some of the symptoms,” added the Middleburg-born central defender with over 320 appearances for the Soweto giants.

“Then people need to try and see a doctor or medical practitioner, because this COVID-19 virus is very dangerous. We need to be careful all the time.”


As a youngster, Jele also known as ‘Magents’ looked up to Lucas Radebe and Edward Motale.

Pirates legend Edward ‘Magents’ Motale.

“When I grew up, the two key players I used to watch, and love was Lucas Radebe and Edward Motale. Nowadays, I watch Sergio Ramos of Real Madrid as an example of leadership and marking skills on the field.” –  Jele.

“Vodacom is committed to joining every single South African in helping to stop the spread of COVID-19 through a comprehensive Stay Safe and Stay.

“Healthy focus that includes uninterrupted service to all of its customers while ensuring the safety of its staff, free online COVID-19 risk assessments and medical support in partnership with the Discovery Group, SMS awareness messaging to its over 44 million subscribers on hygiene in partnership with the Department of Health, and a multitude of personal, work and educational tools and tips to help South Africans through this challenging time.” – Vodacom Soccer. 

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