Jordaan encourages ex-players to get involved at SAFA


South African Football Association (SAFA) president Danny Jordaan has urged former players, who intend to stay in the game to get their technical qualifications as it is not enough to rely solely on their experiences during their careers.

There has been a great debate in recent times about SAFA not utilising the knowledge of former players.

The governing body took a step after last weekend’s National Executive Committee meeting as they added ex-Bafana Bafana captain Lucas Radebe to the technical committee, joined by David Nyathi, while Brian Baloyi and Fabian McCarthy have been placed on SAFA’s marketing, media and commercial committee.

However, Jordaan insists that ex-players should acquire the necessary skills and not just expect roles to be given to them.

“We encourage former players [to get involved at SAFA], but also to either get an education or get technical qualifications. It is sometimes a problem, especially for those that have played at the highest level,” said Jordaan in a special edition of The COSAFA Show.

“I remember the story of [Dutch legend] Ruud Gullit. When he was at the end of his career and retired, he went back to Holland and I had this conversation with him. The KNVB is very clear, if you do not have qualifications, you can’t be a coach at any level.

“Gullit told them, ‘I am looking at you in this room, who are telling me I cannot coach the Dutch national team. What are your qualifications?’. He said he was quite arrogant, but they stuck to their guns.

“He left, went to England and became the coach of Chelsea without qualifications. They just looked at the big former player and the profile, but that was short-lived. He then went back and did his coaching badges, and now he is qualified.”

Jordaan believes some former players don’t see the need to get qualified.

“I had an example in South Africa too, where I had to speak to this legend, who also felt he knew everything about football, so why must he now be told by people who have never played at the highest level how to coach?

“So I agreed with him, he could do it orally. You sit down there and you explain all the things you know. The evaluators can sit there, and if you can prove that yes, you know all things they want you to know at FIFA level coaching badge, then we will give [the job] to you.”

Leeds United legend Radebe has in the past revealed that he is eager to play a larger role at SAFA.

“Coming back to Lucas specifically, I asked him whether he was looking at being a technical director, because some of the things he says in the media it sounds like he wants to be an administrator.

“If he wants to be an administrator, he must then tell us so that we can get him out of the technical stream. That is for him to decide,” concluded Jordaan.

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