Jordaan: Safa and PSL will meet and give minister a single position


“As Safa and the PSL we must meet and consolidate‚ and give the sport minister a single position to place before cabinet. And that is what I hope the outcome will be on Tuesday.”

These are the words of the South Africa Football Association (Safa) president, Danny Jordaan who stated that the mother body will meet with the Premier Soccer League (PSL) to try and find ‘a single position’ and be united as requested by the sport minister, Nathi Mthethwa.

“We sent our proposal to the PSL because we said‚ ‘Look‚ ultimately‚ and Fifa recognises it‚ it is the government that must say that yes‚ football must start’. We submitted our proposal to the government and the PSL,” added Jordaan.

“And we agreed that on Tuesday‚ we will have a joint liaison committee meeting where both these viewpoints [Safa and the PSL’s] will be placed on the table,” – Jordaan.
Last week, Sport minister Mthethwa urged Safa and the PSL to work together for ‘the sake of football’ to try and find solutions that can see the resumption of football in the country.

Jordaan went on to say that they have asked that Safa’s doctor – chief medical officer‚ Dr Thulani] Ngwenya to pick the brains of all the team doctors of the PSL clubs‚ and consolidate as well as speak to Dr Karim [Professor Salim Abdool Karim]‚ a medical advisor of the government‚ to have all the facts on the table.

“And we hope to have a single position to go to government. We put our position in writing that we believe that football should only resume at level one based on two medical opinions‚ and also based on what we’ve observed in terms of the Fifa position,” – Jordaan.

“You can imagine the Minister of Sport goes to the cabinet and makes a presentation – for example‚ for golf he made a single presentation‚ rugby single‚ cricket single; football two presentations. It’s not possible.

“So, we said‚ ‘No‚ let’s have a meeting and have a single position’‚ so that the minister is not confronted with a problem that is not his,” concluded the Safa president.

Government regulations state that sport can only return at level one and South Africa is currently at level four. Due to the coronavirus outbreak, Safa suspended all football activities in the country.

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By Tokelo Martin Mokhesi 

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