Kalou apologises for breaking covid-19 rules


Ivorian footballer Salomon Kalou has expressed profuse regret for breaking coronavirus regulations.
On Monday, he streamed a live video on Facebook – not complying with the social distancing and hygiene rules to prevent the spread of Covid-19.

In an apology, Kalou said that he is worried about the people of Africa. The apology comes after his club Hertha Berlin announced that the midfielder has been suspended for the misconduct with Bundesliga attempting to return to action this month.

“I’m sorry if I gave the impression that I’m not taking coronavirus seriously. I want to apologise for this. The reality is the exact opposite, because I’m really worried about the people of Africa, because health systems aren’t as good there as they are in Germany,” admitted Kalou.
Salomon Kalou
“I didn’t really think it through, and was excited that my tests came back negative. I would also like to apologise to all those who appeared in the video, who didn’t know that I was broadcasting live and whom I didn’t want to bring into this situation,” he said.

“With this video taken inside the team’s dressing room, Kalou broke clear internal rules and displayed a behaviour which is neither appropriate for this current situation, nor reflective of the code of conduct of Hertha BSC. The club has therefore made the decision to suspend the player in question from training and matches with immediate effect.”

Hertha general manager Michael Preetz added that Kalou has not only done a great deal of damage to Hertha BSC, but also created the impression that individual players are not taking the issue of coronavirus seriously, in a time of great discussion on the resumption of football and the role of the professional game.

“I would like to emphasise that we continue to notify all those involved of guidelines on hygiene and social distancing, and make them aware of consequent compliance,” – Preetz.

“We’re clearly following the requirements of the health authorities responsible for us, as well as the recommendations of the RKI,” added Preetz.

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