Kit shambles dealt with – Jordaan


South African Football Association (SAFA) President Dr Danny Jordaan as well as CEO Tebogo Motlanthe insist the embarrassing kit mess which took place in Rustenburg on Sunday has been dealt with.

The Bafana Bafana bench was caught on camera wearing old Nike-sponsored rain jackets, instead of the new one sponsored by Le Coq Sportif during the friendly against Zambia.

SAFA and Nike parted ways last year while the French apparel company Le Coq Sportif were named as the new sponsors earlier this month.

South Africa lost the match 2-1 but it was the technical team’s old kit covered with black tape to hide the Nike logo that overshadowed the match.

“Because it is an administration matter, it is the CEO that has to deal with it from the administration point of view and also from a point of view of his staff members who have violated the regulations,” Jordaan told the media on Friday.

“When I noticed it, we gave immediate instructions that they must take those jackets off. We had just launched with Le Coq so we must be consistent in terms of branding so that matter was dealt with,” said Jordaan.

Meanwhile CEO, Motlanthe says the association met with Le Coq this past Wednesday and everything was sorted out.

“We have officially apologised to the nation because that was not supposed to happen. From the management level when we released that the coach and the management had done that, we immediately told them to take them off, and I am sure you have seen during the second half that they were wearing our official kit of Le Coq,” said Motlanthe.

“We continuously offer an apology, there is no excuse. That was not supposed to happen at that level. There were logistical challenges but that is not an excuse that’s why we are saying as the association we apologise for that incident.

Motlanthe also refuted claims that the new sponsor was rushed to be part of the match when they were not ready yet.

“That is not the case, remember that Covid has given lot of challenges. First, what we need to understand with this sponsorship is that it was not yet launched and when we were informed that the games would be played in February by both CAF and FIFA, we then relaxed and said we would launch properly where people would come and interact with the sponsor.

“So when the dates changed, then everything changed. But we are happy that they still managed to give players the jersey to play in, the only thing that was missing is the rain rackets and everyone did not anticipate that it would be raining on that day.

“Of course like I said we should not allow that to happen and it will not happen again, I can assure you. We met with the sponsors on Wednesday and we have ironed out all outstanding issues and we are looking forward to this five-year relationship which we think will bear fruit and like any other sponsor we will treat them with respect and we have also extended our apology to them.”

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By Ofhani Munyai

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