Kolo Toure: There aren’t many African coaches in top Leagues


After making his mark as a player and being one of the first Ivory Coast stars to compete in arguably the toughest League in the World, the English Premier League (EPL), Kolo Toure is now paving his way to the top as a manager and hopes to inspire other African coaches.

The former Arsenal defender decided to hang up his boots in September 2017 to take up a coaching position at his former club Celtic – Scottish football giants with Brendan Rodgers.

Toure, who is currently completing his UEFA Pro License course at St George’s Park followed Rodgers from Celtic to Leicester City where is now an assistant coach.

The pair’s relationship dates back to their days at Liverpool when Toure was a defender for the ‘Reds’ playing under Rodgers.

“At the end of my career I thought about what I could bring to the world. What is my strength in my life? I thought about other industries but the only one thing I really knew and enjoyed was football,” said Toure as quoted by BBC Sport.

“The only industry I felt I could really bring some creativity to was football. I want to pass my experience and knowledge onto the young generation.”

The 39-year-old accomplished quite a lot during his playing days. He was part of the Arsenal historic invisibles team that went a season without suffering a defeat (2003-2004), won two PL titles, two FA Cups, Scottish Premier League, Scottish League Cup including the 2015 Africa Cup of Nations trophy with Ivory Coast.

Toure’s dream is to witness an African team winning the World Cup one day. “Maybe it will take 20 years, maybe 30. Maybe I will be one of those who tries but it doesn’t happen, and it’s left to the next generation. But this is what I am working for. That is my target.

“One of the most important things, touching my heart is that I am from Africa. There aren’t many African managers in top Leagues in England or Europe,” added Toure.

“I am used to having to come from a long way because there are no idols and role models to look up to. That is why I am doing my badges.  Some of my friends who have been playing maybe haven’t thought of that. But I want to do it because Africa needs that.

“You are putting yourself out there and it’s going to be hard. But there always has to be one person to start and then the rest will follow,” said the former Manchester City defender.

“To achieve something, you have to dream about it. If you don’t dream about it, you will never get there. I love the game. I have a passion for the game. I love to be around the players and give advice.”

The former Cote d’lvoire star has spent over two years – learning and gaining valuable coaching knowledge from Rodgers.

“I am very happy with my progression right now, working with Brendan Rodgers. I am learning a lot. When the time comes, everybody will feel it, I like to be positive,” said Toure.

“People want to work with good people. As long as you are a good man, you have good manners and want to bring the best from the players, the players will like you.

“You will have ups and downs, but the most important thing is to keep fighting and keep believing in what you are doing. I do it naturally,” concluded Toure.

By FARPost Reporter 

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