Konco sets the record straight on Celtic departure


Khumbulani Konco has confirmed his departure from Bloemfontein Celtic following reports that he had been retrenched by the club.

It was revealed recently that Konco had quit his job at Celtic, a club that has well-documented financial issues following his long suspension.

But the football administrator has set the record straight in an interview with the South African Football Journalists’ Association (Safja) on Wednesday afternoon.

Konco, who was Celtic’s CEO, was suspended in February after having a heated discussion with Celtic chairman, Max Tshabalala. However, he didn’t reveal the details of the reasons for the suspension but did confirm he had a disagreement – “verbal miscommunication” with the chairman.

“It is with great regret that I have to call you here today for the sad announcement of my departure at Bloemfontein Celtic,” said Konco.

“One would ask why the announcement today; it is due to the respect and the companion that I have for the members of the media and also the manner that one leaves the club as he has served for the three seasons as a player when I started at Celtic and the last 17 years as an administrator.

“As a club, we have achieved a lot, success as a team in those years while one was leading in the front and also trying to inspire the next generation behind us. On the 16th of March 2021, it was my last day at the Celtic offices. I have served the club to the best of my abilities,” added Konco.

“The club started the progress of retrenchments on Monday the 8th of March 2021. We received letters of retrenchments; it was apparently 8 staff members… the process led to only me being retrenched. You will also note that on the 16th of February 2021 I had a verbal miscommunication with the club chairman that led him to suspend me for about two weeks.

“I had a meeting with the chairman where I believe we settled what was needed to be said and we agreed that it was a business disagreement, we both apologised. However, this changed when I was given a retrenchment letter, that is my story,” explained Konco.

According to Konco, the retrenchment was due to the financial difficulties facing ‘Siwelele’. “But when you look at the process, one can feel that the axe was looking at someone and only that person,” he said.

Konco concluded by stating that he will make an announcement on his next move in a press conference with Safja sometime next week amid speculations that he would be moving to AmaZulu.

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By Tokelo Martin Mokhesi 

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