Lewes FC calls for broadcast of women’s football


Lewes FC, campaigning in the FA Women’s Championship, has called on the broadcasters to televise – live stream women’s football alongside men’s football should matches resume behind closed doors as “there is a huge thirst to watch broadcasts of live sport – even if the teams and players involved are unfamiliar.”

The United Kingdom (UK) government announced on Monday that sport including football in the country should resume behind closed doors in June and UK club Lewes FC, the only football club in the world where women and men are paid equally, believe that the safe resumption of football can be done equally.

Lewes FC Women believe that the desire to watch live sports has increased during the coronavirus pandemic.

“It seems likely that there will be a huge appetite to watch the broadcasts of these live games,” said Lewes FC in a statement on Tuesday.

“We think that this provides a huge – unprecedented – opportunity to drive a step-change in the prominence of women’s football, by broadcasting elite-level women’s football alongside elite-level men’s football.

The Women’s Championship [second division] club says the opportunity exists because, audiences are more open than usual to unfamiliar content: people are at home a lot and have a real need to watch anything entertaining – particularly live sport.

“Women’s football is much less dependent on gate revenue than most men’s football – and so is financially viable even if broadcast rights are sold for relatively low amounts.

“Behind closed doors, the matchday experience of women’s and men’s football is identical – so why wouldn’t we broadcast both on the same basis? Asked Lewes FC.

“The matchday infrastructure, from safeguarding players to the TV cameras, will already be in place at whatever venues end up being used for the men’s Premier League.

Therefore, the marginal cost to also broadcast women’s matches played on the same day at the same venue will be low,” added the Lewes, East Sussex based club.

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By Tokelo Martin Mokhesi 

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