Luc Eymael cleared of any wrongdoing


The South African Football Association (SAFA) ethics committee have cleared Belgian coach Luc Eymael of any derogatory, insulting or racist remarks.

Eymael caused a stir when a recording of him calling the Young Africans of Tanzanian fans monkeys and dogs who know nothing about football surfaced.

The incident resulted in SAFA banning the coach from working in South Africa, a decision that Eymael challenged.

He appeared before SAFA ethics committee Chaired by Judge Sisi Khampepe on 17 September.

FARPost has seen the final judgement dated 30 September 2021 clearing the 62-year-old of any wrong doing.

“In the circumstance, the committee is unable to find that any derogatory, insulting or racist remarks were spoken by Mr. Eymael. In the result, Mr. Eymael is exonerated from any wrong doing,” read the judgment.

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By Ofhani Munyai