Lukhubeni hits back at Sinky Mnisi


Outgoing Royal AM coach Michael Lukhubeni has told FARPost that club CEO Sinky Mnisi was hell-bent to see him lose his job at the club, accusing him of sabotage.

Mnisi confirmed to this publication on Monday that the newly formed club has decided to fire Lukhubeni and his assistant coach Thembinkosi Ngwenya following a 4-0 defeat to Sekhukhune United on Saturday.

But Lukhubeni has hit back at Mnisi, accusing the former Highlands Park Director of targeting him.

“Sinky (Mnisi) is sabotaging the team, he is the one who made us lose the game because he knows what he wanted to do,” said Lukhubeni.

“I am not even going to challenge the decision. I don’t do football for a living, I have got other things that I do to survive. If Sinky and the President think I do football for a living surely they don’t know me very well, I do football for passion. I can survive without football my man,” said the former Steenberg coach.

Lukhubeni also confirmed that the other reason he lost his job was due to his refusal to use muthi.

“Yes, 100% right. You see from the beginning Sinky knows what he wanted to do. The first hour of being introduced to the club he called everyone aside and said from today, no more eating pork or fish. And he said to the players, ‘don’t put 150%, you guys can put in 50%, I put the other 50%’.

“How can a CEO say that to professional players? How are you going to get the best out of players? After we lost the match on Saturday he started pointing to us as coaches that he told people not to eat pork, but some people defied the orders and ate pork, that’s why the results are like this. Who ate pork? I don’t know. I asked him if he can tell me who ate pork and he didn’t want to tell me. After that he then told me and the assistant coach that we are suspended with immediate effect,” he said.

“He is running around telling people that we are not fit, that team was the fittest in the League. Friday when we arrived in Johannesburg, he brought two 5 litres of muthi to throw inside the swimming pool, in front of me.

“If muthi was working, the World Cup was in South Africa in 2010, why didn’t one of our African teams go to the final? In football, God is the only person who can make you win. I don’t use muthi and Shauwn (Mkhize) knows very well.

“Sinky believes in muthi but where is his Vardos team? He failed to promote Vardos from Motsepe to NFD to PSL with that big tree muthi he has, how can he be able to promote other teams?”

“He failed to promote his own team, now he is going around lying to people that he promoted Highlands Park, he promoted Tembisa Classic, where did he promote these teams? He is going around bragging to us that he got millions from the Highlands deal. What do we have to do with that? So what must we do with that information? Here it is not Highlands,” concluded Lukhubeni.

Efforts to solicit a comment from Mnisi were fruitless.

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By Ofhani Munyai

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