Mampa Tlhwaele on acquiring Buya Msuthu status  


Drip owner Lekau Sehoana ventures into the footie business after acquiring the status of North West ABC Motsepe League side Buya Msuthu FC.

The club will now be known as Black Super Eagles FC.

FARPost caught up with the CEO of the new club Ms. Mampa Tlhwaele to get an in-depth insight on what inspired this new venture and what are the plans and vision by the owner Mr Sehoana regarding this business.

Who bought the status of Buya Msuthu FC?

The CEO of Drip, Mr. Lekau Sehoana purchased the status of Buya Msuthu.

How long and when was the sale completed? 

The sale didn’t take long, we (myself, and Mr. Sehoana) had a sit down about his vision a week or so before the search for a status – we were looking for a status in and around Gauteng, either SAB League or ABC Motsepe League. We made contact with all the status sales that were on the socials and all of them were sold.

Until we saw one about Buya Msuthu, the post on Facebook had many comments, and we were hoping to see a comment that said “the status was still on sale” after all the no’s we’ve got. Luckily, we made contact on time, we contacted the owner and he came to us within a blink. Of course, he (Buya Msuthu owner) had his reservations as there were a lot of people who approached him about purchasing. We contacted him and met towards the end of September, we then concluded the sale a day or two after our meeting, on the 23rd of September 2021.

Was it an easy transaction to make and what was the cost of the transaction?

It wasn’t an easy one, however, Mr. Sehoana wanted to purchase. There were a lot of factors that we needed to be put into consideration. Traveling arrangements and costs, assembling of the team, equipment etc, but that didn’t halt the plan of buying the status.

Hahahaha! As for the cost of the transaction, I suppose that cannot be disclosed, well, at least not by me. Perhaps Mr. Sehoana will be comfortable to disclose that, however I’m not in a position to give such information.

What has inspired this sale of the club considering that the owners are one of the biggest and most popular sneaker selling brands in the country?

Mr. Sehoana is a big dreamer, a visionary, he is a very passionate person and he sees beyond what one can imagine or even envision. He is a driven person in all that he embarks on, or shall I say in all that he does, he puts his heart and mind to. When he envisions something, he goes all out for it. He has the love for soccer, youth development and also human empowerment.

And in our conversation when we sat down to talk about his dream of owning a club – he mentioned that he is aware of how football development has withered and how much he’d like to be a part of a mass that would like to resurrect the passion and love for football, especially for the young ones. He wants to bring hope, and make players believe in themselves and their talents. There are big and great plans behind this purchase. This is just an icebreaker to what will be built initially in the football fraternity by the CEO, or must I say the Chairman of Black Eagles FC.

Considering that Buya Msuthu FC was a North West based ABC Motsepe Club, will this sale move it to Gauteng? If so where in GP will it be based and where will their training grounds be?

The club will remain in the North West. We will be based in the North West, with Royal Marang Hotel being our home, to host our home games. For training we will be this side, in GP.

Who is part of the technical team? 

I’m happy to inform you that we have acquired the services of the best technical staff ever. Our boys are honoured and privileged to be taken care of by these prolific and highly experienced and qualified team. Well, not only are the players honoured and privilege but we as the club too, and we are grateful to have them as part of our journey.

Head Coach: Mr. Kabelo Sibiya, Ass. Coach: Mr. Mokete Tsotetsi, Goalkeeper Coach: Mr. Errol Chuene, Fitness & Conditioning Coach: Mr. Jabu Mothibi, Physiotherapist: Ms. Cheryl Billings, Team Manager: Mr. Neo Makaene and Kit & Equipment Manager: Mr. Thato Motlhaloge. Of course, there are other personnel behind the scenes who are as important and prolific as the mentioned ones, like our Housekeeper at the club house, bus driver, caretaker and our security.

Have you decided on the squad and what are their names and positions? 

Right now, I can confidently say we have a squad of young and very determined players. A great number with a competitive experience, they all have both semi-professional and professional league experience. I can reveal for you just a couple of our young champs, the likes of Tshepang Maphosa, a very lethal, young and dedicated player. He played for Kaizer Chiefs development. We have also acquired the services of Reanetse Ramatlapeng, one of the greatest central defending midfielders, he played for Orlando Pirates development.

What are the owner’s plans and visions for the club in the ABC Motsepe League and the future? 

The plan is to go into the league with the intention and aim of winning the title, of course it’s our first season therefore we will have to test the waters first. We have a long-term goal of at least 5 years in the ABC Motsepe League. And that’s us being realistic, I mean in our second season we should be able to compete for the title as by then, we would have learned the ropes.

But we’re not shying away from the fact that we might surprise ourselves and achieve our goal on our first season, I mean we have a bunch of winners in our camp. We will compete, we have a well knowledgeable and experienced technical team and our players are devoted to our plans and vision. With no doubt that we will strive to attain our vision.

Our vision is to compete in the PSL. We would like to see our players compete till they get to the big league. That’s every player’s dream and wish. We plan on making that dream/wish a reality. The future is now; to be quite honest. However, we intend on competing till we get to the PSL. And we also intend to have most of our players called for national duties – Amajita and or Bafana Bafana, our greatest vision will be international offers for our boys. Another vision, plan and our future objective is to have an academy.

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By Palesa Motshoene