“Messi represents everything children dream of becoming”


There is no player that excites Omar Da Fonseca more than his fellow countryman Lionel Messi, whom he admires remarkably.

Da Fonseca played professional football between 1979 and 1993, winning the Ligue 1 title twice with Paris Saint-Germain and Monaco.

The former Argentinian striker described Messi as a superhuman, a role model and a brilliant footballer. “He represents everything that children dream of becoming, especially in Argentina,” he said.

“He’s the first player for whom it’s not all about the result. Statistics are all the rage these days: the number of kilometres, the number of duels won.

“Messi doesn’t always run, though, and when he’s not running he’s thinking. To my mind, it’s better to think than to run around,” added Da Fonseca.

Earlier in his life, there was another Argentinian star Da Fonseca admired, Diego Maradona. He played with the great No. 10 during his brief international career.

“There was Maradona and the likes of [Gabriel] Calderon and Ramon Diaz. The first time I saw Diego it was crazy. We knew him as the ‘untouchable guy’. That was the paradoxical thing about Maradona because he was also a kid from the streets.

“He was resourceful and had every trick in the book but there was something endearing about him too when he cried,” concluded Da Fonseca, who is now a pundit on French TV.

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