Mighty FC owner vows to build on the club’s success


Limpopo ABC Motsepe League club owner Mighty Tjale reckons that he wants to maintain his club’s success and would not make any big changes.

Mighty FC players are back in training getting ready for the upcoming new season set to begin on 6 March 2021.

“The team is ready and we have played a couple of friendly matches in order to keep fit and prepare the team,” Tjale said in an interview with FARPost.

“We believe that we will able to put on a great performance. If you have noticed, when the season starts we approach it with an intention of succeeding at the end of the day.”

When asked if he has signed any notable players to bolster the team, he then said: “No! No! No! We didn’t sign any big names. Most of the players we have signed are youngsters who were born around 2000 and 2001. The club believes in using blood young players.”

Tjale told this publication that COVID-19 took its toll on amateur football teams’ preparations going into the 2020/21 ABC Motsepe League campaign.

“You know, if you build on something and it gets disruptions along the way it ends up difficult to start all over again. But we are determined to soldier on as a team,” he laments.

Mighty were placed in Stream B of the Provincial ABC Motsepe League and the club boss is unfazed by the stream they will be competing in this season.

“It doesn’t matter if you are drawn in Stream A or B, because those are the same teams. After all, if it happens that you win you’re bound to face the winner of the other stream,” Tjale concluded.

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By Mauwane Raophala

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