Mikhado accused of ‘bullying’ Limpopo ABC Motsepe League


Drama! Drama! Drama! And Drama galore in the Limpopo ABC Motsepe League following the postponement of the provincial playoffs indefinitely by Safa Limpopo.

The provincial league chair of chairs Mighty Tjale has since issued out a memorandum that serves to address the damaging occurrences presently happening in the league.

This comes after Mikhado FC lodged a complaint against The Dolphins, claiming that the promotion chasers have improperly registered one of their players known as Raymond Maluleke, and also of the team sheets related issues.

The provincial playoffs between Dolphins and Magesi FC were supposed to take place on Sunday, 6 June at Giyani Stadium.

Mikhado is a team known for filing complaints almost every end of the season which has now being labelled as a “bullying” tactic.

Mr Tjale’s memorandum reads as follows:

I understand your frustrations and anger more so that your monies are wasted as you are keeping your players whilst nothing is happening. The majority of the teams if not all are in disagreement with the behaviour of only one team every time when the season ends.

I confirm receiving your calls and emails complaining about this kind of attitude and your complaints shall be given the attention of the province and association. But I advise you to direct your anger to Mikhado F.C. the team which is disrespecting our province.

They are bullying the province and the league with their “festering sore” behaviour which threatens the integrity and reputations of our football in the province.

I engaged Takalani the present owner of the team to pull out of his undermining of the province but he answered me in the negative and told me that he has wasted a lot of money with his team.

Colleagues, direct your anger to Mikhado especially when it comes to your monies which you spend keeping your players in preparations for the playoffs which are delayed by “bullying tactics”.

At this pointing time, Mikhado has filed another complaint against The Dolphins related to the team sheets. That is a different complaint from the one holding the province at ransom.

Itani Musandiwa, the previous owner caused the province a serious problem by selling his team to the present owner who does not have respect for anybody through his actions. The present situation happening in the province is extremely unnecessary. But all this disrespect and “festering sore” bullying tactics shall come to an end soon.

The board meeting has been postponed to a later date which you be informed of.

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By Mauwane Raophala 

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