Moçambola’s new campaign in the hands of government


The Secretary of State for Sport, Gilberto Mendes, says the final decision for the start of the 2020/21 Moçambola (the Mozambique Premier League) lies with the government.

According to Mendes, the Mozambican Football League foresees the start of the Premiership in the first week of November, but the league is awaiting the decision of President Filipe Nyusi in the next communication to the nation.

“At this moment, the President of the Republic authorised the start of classes, authorised the start of shows since last weekend, and I believe that sport will come next. In the next few days, the start of competitions may be announced,” said Mendes as quoted by Opais Online.

“There is timing for everything,” adds Mendes who is optimistic that the government will give the league the green light to start in November despite the positive cases of Covid-19 that appear in teams that have already tested their players.

“It is something that happens in a normal context as it happens to everyone, it is not contagions that will have occurred within the field, it is contagions that will have occurred in normal family gatherings.

“But it is this new normal that we will live with and we have to assume that we are all asymptomatic until proven otherwise, so I believe that sport will also return very soon,” added the Secretary of State for Sport.

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