Motsoaneng calls for respect to upcoming coaches


Umvoti FC coach Tshepo Motsoaneng is concerned about the trend of replacing coaches after gaining promotion to professional football.

The former Bizana Pondo Chiefs coach was also replaced halfway last season at the Eastern Cape side in the GladAfrica Championship, as the club was experiencing poor in results.

Motsoaneng believes all the coaches, experienced or not deserve to be given a chance to implement their philosophies before they can be judged.

“Coaches don’t go and apply, it’s clubs that look for coaches and if clubs don’t look for you, you can’t force their hand. Only when they come you will either entertain their interest or reject them,” he said.

“As a coach if you settle and stay focused where you are, there are chances of succeeding.

“Look at Hungry Lions FC and and Platinum City Rovers, if you bring in a new coach he must come and assist the coach, not to push him away. I’m fighting this all the time and this needs to stop in South Africa.

“I’m not saying coaches must not look for jobs I’m saying coaches that are inheriting somebody’s job normally don’t look after that job as much as the guy who has been there and promoted the team.

“If you say I don’t have experience after promoting Umvoti and you go and get Clinton Larsen for example to come and push me aside, what are you saying about me,” asked Motsoaneng.

“Does that mean I don’t deserve to work at the highest level and continue with the fruits of my hard work?

“It needs to come to an end, the tendency of changing coaches immediately after a team gets promoted,” added Motsoaneng.

By Wonga Sirayi

FARPost’s KZN Reporter