Mozambican FA provides financial aid to Mozambola clubs


The Mozambican Football Federation (FMF) will be giving financial assistance to five clubs in Mozambola that have no support from public companies or the State.

The FA will provide 500,000 Meticais to each club, confirmed by its president Feizal Sidat as they try to make the Mozambola 2021 feasible from 16 January next year.

Liga Desportiva de Maputo, Grupo Desportivo Maputo, Associação Black Bulls, Grupo Desportivo e Recreativo Textáfrica do Chimoio and Grupo Desportivo Incomáti de Xinavane will be the beneficiaries of this federative support which aims to minimise the impact of the games behind closed doors.

Mozambola clubs have already benefited 1.2 million Meticais in the scope of the distribution of the Fifa solidarity fund to mitigate the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic on football.

On the other hand, FMF has announced that it will finance the lease of new facilities for the Mozambican Football League, which is expected to move from its current facilities to more decent ones in the centre of Maputo.

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