Mozambican FA supports victims of terrorism in Cabo Delgado


Within the scope of social responsibility, the Mozambican Football Federation (FMF) delivered thirty footballs to the victims of terrorism in Cabo Delgado at its headquarters in Maputo this week.

The material was delivered by the president of the FMF, Feizal Sidat to Emília Chambale, president of the National Youth Council (CNJ), who was accompanied by the president of the Youth Council of the city of Maputo, Deusdério Magule.

In the act of delivery, the president of the FMF said that the balls will be useful, to help remove the trauma of violence, especially in children through games with each other.

The FMF official also said that the offer is only part of other support that will follow under the FMF Social Responsibility Program, an initiative of the FMF President’s Office that aims to promote social, educational, health actions and philanthropic towards populations and communities, improving their quality of life.

On the occasion, the CNJ president, Emília Chambale, who travels to Cabo Delgado on Friday, thanked the offer and said that the balls will be channeled to the legitimate recipients.

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