Mozambola certified clubs licensed to compete in new season


The Mozambican Football Federation (FMF) has revealed the list of clubs that have completed the license application process to participate in the national football championship – Mozambola.

After a thorough analysis by the Club Licensing Commission, 11 teams were granted licenses while three were excluded.

The three clubs will not take part in the 2020/21 Mozambola season, set to start in November, awaiting the authorization of the President of Mozambique, Filipe Nyusi.

The clubs that were not granted licenses are: Desportivo Maputo, Incomáti de Xinavane and Textáfrica do Chimoio.

In a statement released on Thursday afternoon during the launch ceremony of the FMF Academies project, the association said,” The Maputo Sports Group and the Incomáti Sports Group, which did not demonstrate compliance with the requirements laid down as imperatives for the club licensing process, licensing was not granted.

“On the other hand, the licensing commission decided to withdraw the conditioned allocation of the National Grant licence for the I Division National Championship – Mozambola season 2020/21, to the Sports and Recreational Group of Textáfrica, because it did not prove compliance with established requirements as imperatives for club licensing process,” reads the FMF statement.

The 11 teams awarded the licenses certificate by Club Licensing Commission are Beira Railway Club, Maputo Sports League, Black Bulls Association, Maputo Railway Club, Nampula Railway Club, Costa do Sol Sports Club, Lichinga Railway Club, Nacala Railway Club, ENH Football Club, Mocuba Matchedje Sports Club and Songo Sports Union.

According to FMF, the 11 clubs have proven compliance with the requirements, the FMF granted national license to participate in the I Division National Championship – Mozambola.

“It should be noted that the clubs that were not granted or removed licensing were not allowed to participate in the I Division National Championship – Mozambola Edition 2020/21.”

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