Mumble is a bitter former CEO – Maluleka


SAFA technical committee head Jack Maluleka has lashed out at former CEO Dennis Mumble amid calls that President Dr Danny Jordaan should relinquish his position.

Mumble authored a damning report in which he accuses Jordaan of being a dictator who has flouted SAFA’s constitution.

But Maluleka, who is also one of the 9 provincial leaders that released a statement on Monday reiterating their full supporter for the under fire President, says Mumble is bitter because he was not given another term as CEO.

“Yes, the statement that has been given is that we all support Dr Danny Jordaan and this is on the basis that we have realised that there are cabals that have been formed to discredit the president of SAFA,” Maluleka told FARPost.

“We were so surprised with the reports that Danny Jordaan must go and if you check who is saying those things? Like the former CEO (Dennis Mumble) I think it’s immaterial for him to say Dr Jordaan must go. For him being there for more than 22 years, serving under the same guy who brought him in football.

“But today he can say outside the structures of SAFA that Danny Jordaan must go. Who is he? Who is he to announce that Danny must go? Because he is not a member of SAFA. He is a former CEO who is bitter because he lost income,” he continued.

“We know that he wanted another 5 years. At 60 years he wanted another 5 years to make it 70 years whereas we have clear polices of SAFA that for you to become an employee of SAFA 60 is a retirement age.”

“But it’s unfortunate that we have also been reliably informed that he has been joined by other two people from the regions. They are the ones who have formed another faction which is called Progressive Leaders but those two people don’t have a constituency. If you check no one is a president of the region from those two people and it is unfortunate to have those two people who are power mongers and think that they can just go to the media and rubbish the name of the president and therefore everybody should follow suit,” said the former Kaizer Chiefs reserve side player.

Maluleka has also refuted claims that Jordaan is a dictator.

“Danny Jordaan I can tell you, even them they know that he can not be a dictator – that cannot be correct. I can tell you that if he was a dictator most of us would not have worked with him because it shows previously we worked with dictators and where are those dictators? We left them because they wanted to service their own jackets and that is why we are rallying behind Dr Danny Jordaan because we know that he brings stability into SAFA,” he concluded.

Maluleka also serves as the President of SAFA Limpopo region following his election in 2018 at the national elections.

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By Ofhani Munyai

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