MYSAFA initiates features to minimise COVID-19 spread


MYSAFA has officially introduced new features to allow teams to register players for themselves to play in the ABC, SAB and Sasol leagues through MYSAFA aimed at combating the spread of COVID-19 as it minimises the traveling and direct contact.

In a statement, MYSAFA confirmed that the self-registration features will make things easier for club administrators, allowing them to upload player details, documents and photos safely from their homes or offices.

“Traditionally all player registrations have been captured in electronic systems after paper registration forms, ID copies and player photos were dropped off at the league offices. This means 16 or more club officials, often queueing, to deliver hundreds of documents that must be handled by football administrators doing data capture.”

“MYSAFA’s club self-registration features make this a thing of the past, allowing clubs to upload player details, documents and photos, safely from their home or office. Each submission is then reviewed and approved (or rejected) by the league administrator(s) before registration is complete and a player card can be produced.

It was also said that Safa Free State’s respected Provincial Executive Officer, Moremi Klip, was one of the first league administrators to take advantage of the club features for ABC Motsepe League.

“The process is working efficiently, effectively and very fast. All our teams are happy to register themselves because it minimises the risk of travelling and minimises direct physical contact,” says Klip.

The club self-registration will expand the capacity of regions and LFAs to register more players than they used to and allow clubs direct access to MYSAFA to manage their clubs starting in 2021.

MYSAFA further stated that clubs will also start purchasing products and services via the platform.

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By Mauwane Raophala

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