Namibia government ignores FIFA warning


Despite assurances from the Namibia minster of sport, youth and national service Agnes Tjongarero to FIFA that the government would refrain from interfering in the country’s football matters, the Committee for Eminent Persons (CEP) have not ceased their activities.

The world football governing body alerted minister Tjongarero that government involvement and interference in the Namibia Football Association’s (NFA) processes would merit or lead to a sanction or suspension.

According to The Namibian Newspaper, the statement from FIFA was in response to the minister telling FIFA secretary general Fatma Samoura that “Namibia is a sovereign nation with its own laws” and will deal with the matter “in a manner it deems fit”.

Tjongarero, last week wrote to FIFA, stating that she as the minister of sport was “pleased to note” that FIFA was “working closely with the NFA to normalise the situation, which we believe will achieve unity in football in Namibia”.

Minister of sport Agnes Tjongarero. Picture courtesy of The Namibian Newspaper. 

“I hereby avail myself the opportunity to renew to FIFA the assurances of my highest consideration,” she said.

The minister gave the impression she would discontinue and dissolve the Committee for Eminent Persons and disregard its recommendations, but instead, the CEP were reportedly set to meet on Monday with football clubs which have shown their desire to join the NFA’s purported new top-tier division.

As per reports, the CEP have already held talks with the NFA and Namibia Premier League (NPL) leadership. The committee is tasked with getting the NFA to go back on its decision to terminate the NPL’s membership.

FIFA said they support the NFA, as it had followed procedure in expelling the NPL at a congress in July. The NFA said it will not reverse its decision.

It remains to be seen how FIFA will reacts to the CEP’s quest for “lasting solutions” beyond the NFA’s realm as the world football governing body insisted that only the NFA can control and supervise all forms of football at national level and ensure there is only one top-tier national league in Namibia.

It has been reported that clubs which have rejected the NFA’s invitation are planning to form their own professional league outside the realm of association football.

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