Namibia likely to miss Cosafa Cup


Namibia Football Association (NFA) secretary-general Franco Cosmos has said the Covid-19 new restrictions may force the Brave Warriors to miss out on the Cosafa Cup in early July.

The Cosafa Cup is set to be staged in South Africa sometime in July, according to multiple reports.

“We should be starting preparations for the Cosafa Cup, but with the new regulations, we can’t hold a camp. We have written to Cosafa and other relevant authorities to inform them of the situation in the country,” Cosmos said.

“We will wait for what they [Cosafa] have to say. It does not look good for us at the moment.”

He added that the new full domestic football season including the Namibia Premier League will have to be deferred from July to September or October.

“We had plans in place, but these things are beyond us. Our rules or plans can’t supersede those of the government. Yes, we were not consulted to see if we can find a way for our activities to exist within the regulations but it is out of our hands,” added Cosmos.

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