Namibia pre-season tourney on the cards


Namibia’s domestic football could restart with a pre-season tournament next month, hinted Namibia Football Premier League director Mabos Vries.

In an interview with The Namibian Sport, Vries said that to jump straight into league action would strain the action-deprived players who need to gradually be re-introduced to the vigorous nature of the game.

A warm-up event would help circumvent substandard performances.

“It would be advisable that you have a pre-tournament because the players have been laid off for more than two years. If you go to the first and second division, these guys haven’t played football for three years,” Vries advised.

All leagues are tentatively set to kick off on 7 March. Women’s football was already revived towards the back end of last year with the first half of the NFA Women’s Super Cup.

“We are in the process of finalising the launch [of the leagues]. That’s the priority,” added Vries.

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