Necessary processes must take place for those who defied rules – Khoza


Premier Soccer League Chairman, Dr Irvin Khoza insists necessary (disciplinary) processes should take place for any member club found to have gone against the COVID-19 protocols and resumed training without permission.

There has been reports that a number of clubs, both in the Absa Premiership and GladAfrica Championship, returned to physical training, long before they were given the green light by the League.

Addressing the media on Monday at the PSL offices, Dr Khoza said clubs cannot be allowed to risk with people’s lives.

“Our compliance officers that have been appointed if they were to come across that kind of situation obviously necessary processes must take place, if it’s true that there are people who went against the permission of the minister,” said Khoza

“Because, we have stressed this with the Board of Governors, that as event organisers we will be held liable for any omissions (to the rules), so therefore we cannot allow people to take risks with lives of people by behaving as if life is normal. That is why it is going to be very important, unfortunately if that has happened, if people don’t respect the law and respect the right to life.

“It’s important that you know, Government required every club to submit an operational plan. In there, there are conditions that must be monitored and that is what the government after submitting the operational plans, they went to various stadiums to go and check,” he said.

“One of the conditionality that was asked for ECG (Players’ Electrocardiogram), go for testing to make sure that when we are asked the questions in case there is a fatality, the insurance company is going to ask what requirements were put in place, when you went to training, were you given the go ahead to do that? Imagine the disadvantaged to the people that are affected who will now be at risk of not being paid out by the insurance,” he concluded.

Clubs are now officially back at training while awaiting a directive from the League on when to report to the Biologically Safe Environment (BSE) in Gauteng, where all 32 teams will be based for their remainder of the season.

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By Ofhani Munyai

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