Nemasisi opens up on covid-19 ordeal


JDR Stars owner and coach Nditsheni Nemasisi spent a few days hospitalised and subsequently missed two of his team’s GladAfrica Championship matches due to covid-19.

The JDR boss spent seven days in one of the hospitals in Pretoria while his team beat Pretoria Calles and Bizana Pondo Chiefs earlier this month.

The 39-year-old has reflected on the experience which saw him using oxygen machines to breath and has advised the South African football fraternity to be cautious of the deadly pandemic.

“It was not a nice experience being admitted because of covid, but the support that I got from my family, the team and these boys as well. When they fought in my absence was one element that made me recover quicker,” Nemasisi told FARPost.

“Young people must take care of themselves, they must wear masks and stay away from groups because it is there. Covid is there, I have been there and it was a very difficult two days.

“My first two days at the hospital I could not breathe and all that so I advise supporters and also players to take care. If we have to avoid the malls at all costs, we must do that. Only where necessary, but where there is a lot of people we need to avoid that,” he said.

As of Thursday, 14 January 2020, South Africa had a total of 1 296 806 covid-19 positive cases with 1 049 740 recoveries and 35 852 deaths.

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By Ofhani Munyai

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