New restrictions affect football in Malawi


The Football Association of Malawi has been forced to take a big decision about fans attending football games in the Super League.

On Tuesday the association took a decision to not allow fans to attend league games after the rise of the Covid19 virus in the country. This decision was influenced by government’s new restrictions which does not allow a gathering of more than 100 people and football as one of the big crowd pulling events has been affected massively.

The presidential task force dealing with Covid-19 in the country announced that the restrictions would be in place for at least two weeks and the Malawi National Sports Council acting Secretary Henry Mereka clarified the way forward.

“The new restrictions simple mean that spectators cannot be able to watch games for the period,” he told the media.

FAM president Walter Ramilandu also expressed his disappointment about these new development labeling them as a “a big set back” for the Malawi league which had just kicked off a few weeks ago.

The Blantyre derby between Nyasa Bullets and Might Wanderers which is scheduled to take place on the second of January will now be played behind closed doors, which is sad considering that it’s one of the big games in the nation.

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By Prince Sobayeni

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