No COSAFA Women’s Championship for Namibia


Acting Namibia Football Association (NFA) secretary-general Franco Cosmos says the ‘Brave Gladiators’ and ‘Baby Gladiators’ will not be among the nations competing for COSAFA Women’s Championship and U-17 Girls’ Championship honours at Nelson Mandela Bay next month.

The Women’s Championship and U-17 Girls’ tournament will take place simultaneously in South Africa from 5 to 13 November, as confirmed by COSAFA earlier this week while also announcing that the men’s edition has been cancelled.

According to NFA, it doesn’t make financial sense for Namibia to be part of the Women’s COSAFA tournaments.

“We indicated that we are not going. They have no sponsor and want us to foot the whole bill,” said acting NFA secretary-general Franco Cosmos.

Cosmos said that COSAFA asked each nation to pay US$50 000 in membership fees. This is towards affiliation US$20 000, and US$30 000 for participation.

“If you add preparation costs, appearance fees and other hidden costs, this figure will balloon,” added Cosmos.

“Many other members also indicated they cannot afford the fees and therefore won’t be present. The situation is worse because of Covid-19. I said it before and I’ll say it again: Covid football is expensive,” he said.

“It does not make sense for us to take on such a huge financial undertaking. Unfortunately, we will have to sit this one out.”

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