‘No plans to sell Maritzburg United’


Maritzburg United have insisted that they have no intention to sell the club.

Club boss Farook Kadodia was quoted by the media in the past days suggesting he could be willing to sell if the club remains in Pietermaritzburg.

But the club has released a statement assuring its stakeholders that they are not selling.

We would like to unequivocally state that this is not the case.

Rather, the Chairman was discussing with the journalist, the current financial challenges of football in this country in the midst of the Covid-19 restrictions and the loss of revenue due to fans not being able to watch matches at the stadium.

This is especially concerning for smaller PSL clubs who do not have major commercial sponsors.

As such, the Chairman was discussing the hypothetical possibility of the club being sold in the future, and under what conditions such an event would be allowed to transpire.

As he stated, Maritzburg would only entertain a potential sale if it was going to be favorable for the community of Pietermaritzburg and the surrounding areas – the Chairman was adamant that no sale would take place if that were to result in the team being moved to another town or province.

It would have to be a deal that would benefit the club, as he was quoted saying in part of the interview:

“If it’s going to add value and growth to the team, we will consider it. It must add value and growth because we sacrificed for a long time. It’s not about money but it’s about commitment, social cohesion and getting nation-building done, promoting young talent.”

In closing, we would like to assure our supporters, players and all stakeholders, that there are no plans to sell the team. All our energy is currently being channelled towards preparations for the upcoming season and continuing to work hard to ensure the club remains viable and financially healthy.

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By Tiyani wa ka Mabasa

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