‘No play, no pay’, says Namibia FA


Namibia Football Association (NFA) league director Mabos Vries has declared that if footballers in the country do not play in the next 30 days, they will not be paid.

The government in Namibia banned contact sports for 30 days but other sporting events are still allowed.

This means that the majority of the players will go back to roaming the streets again due to the recent stringent Covid-19 restrictions, lamented Vries.

“I understand that the government is doing what it feels is best for the nation, but we are facing a very big problem with football. A month off will totally disrupt our plans,” Vries told The Namibian Sport.

The blow comes not long after hope had been re-ignited in the country’s game after over two years of dormancy brought about by administrative power struggles, and latterly the coronavirus pandemic.

A feel good factor finally enveloped the football fraternity after the domestic game was re-activated in April through an intermediary season which was to run until the end of July.

After the long lay-off, the transitional campaign was designed to ease suffering players into competitive action and earn some money while at it.

“With regard to the top tier league, we are talking about 400 people losing their jobs because unfortunately no football means no pay.

“Clubs cannot bear additional costs, because any extension means extra costs,” explained Vries.

It is worth noting that there have been no positive Covid-19 cases reported in football since action resumed in nearly two months ago.

During that period, the MTC NFA Cup has completed two rounds of action; the Namibia Premier Football League is now at the penultimate stage; and the Southern Stream First Division is also two match days old.

“We have been adhering to the national guidelines and have implemented extra measures to combat Covid-19,” said Vries.

“We are engaging the Sports Commission to see if we can find an alternative to allow football to continue.”

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