No work permit thumbs up for Kerr yet


Baroka FC coach Dylan Kerr says the long wait for his work permit is beginning to frustrate him.

Kerr joined the Limpopo side earlier this month but has not been able to sit on the bench as he awaits his documents from the Department of Home Affairs.

Asked by FARPost when does he expect to receive the documents, he replied, “That’s the million dollar question, I don’t know.”

Kerr continued: “I can’t answer that one, you know it was supposed to come last week, it was supposed to come this week I don’t know. It’s out of my hands this thing. We did all the paperwork. Why it takes so long I don’t know. Why they can’t just change my permit on Black Leopards to Baroka, I don’t know.

“It is frustrating because I know that we would have better results with me on the bench. You know you can’t prepare for a game sitting on the stands, when you see things happening you can’t tell them (players). When you see things happening which are bad, you can’t sort it out you know, substitutions you know.

“If you are winning you wanna make a substitution not to concede and the other team not to score. When you lose you wanna make a substitute and to get back into the game and start winning. You know these are things right now that are frustrating for me. It’s not as if I’m new to the country, it’s not as if I’m not known in the country, it’s not as if I have not played or worked in the country.

“Everything was submitted last Tuesday and I was told by Home Affairs it will be done by Thursday, and still we are waiting. It is frustrating for the players as much as it is for me because, we need to make sure that we get the right team playing.”

By Musa Nhlapo

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