Norwich academy striker thankful to kidney donor


Norwich academy striker Shae Hutchinson has had a second kidney transplant surgery on Monday after receiving a kidney match from a living altruistic donor.

The 20-year-old underwent his first kidney transplant in 2018, donated by his father. However, earlier this year, the organ was only operating at 17%.

The youngster has written an emotional letter directed to his donor for giving him the gift of life.

“Four weeks ago I got the call to say that I had a kidney match from a living altruistic donor and on 14 December, my second transplant took place,” Hutchinson wrote on his official Twitter account.

“I don’t know who you are but I will be forever thankful to my donor for giving me the gift of life.”

Hutchinson also revealed that his uncle donated a kidney through the Kidney Exchange Programme in order for him to receive the kidney.

“Through the Kidney Exchange Programme, my uncle donated a kidney in order for me to receive this one. Words can’t describe how special they both are to do such a selfless act especially during these crazy times,” he explained.

Hutchinson suffers from Alport Syndrome, a genetic condition diagnosed at eight years old, which affects his kidney function, eyesight, hearing and results in bouts of fatigue.

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By Mauwane Raophala

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