Nyandoro auctions iconic jerseys to raise funds for Covid-19


Legendary former Warriors and Mamelodi Sundowns captain, Esrom Nyandoro has decided to auction, “sacrifice” his iconic and precious jerseys to raise funds for sanitizers and masks to help those affected by the coronavirus pandemic in Zimbabwe and South Africa.

Vimbai Musvaburi, who is one of the organisers and spokesperson for the One Million Masks and Sanitizers campaign stated that Nyandoro will auction two Sundowns jerseys, one of which was signed by all the Downs players when he retired and his Zimbabwean jersey number 3 he wore in the opening match of the 2004 Africa Cup of Nations (Afcon) against Egypt in Tunisia.

“The Esrom Nyandoro jersey auction was brought upon by Esrom himself who wanted to be a part of raising funds for sanitizers and masks for both Zimbabwe and South Africa to help fight the pandemic that has come upon us globally,” Musvaburi told FARPost.

“Nyandoro said that he wants everyone to know that he is who he is because of the community both in Zimbabwe and South Africa and 20 years of his football life, he would have never made it alone and he wants to give back his gratitude for the support back into the community by working hard to preserve lives during this pandemic.

“Therefore he says giving away money is possible, he can give money but he would like to follow through the steps of Patrice Motsepe who has been literally grooming him from the moment he joined Sundowns so he says he wants to take something sentimental and give it back to the community,” added Musvaburi.

Esrom Nyandoro – Zimbabwe – Africa Cup of Nations 2004.

When the former hard tackling midfielder was asked what is it that he wants to give away in the fight against Covid-19, Nyandoro, according to Musvaburi said: “I want to take my jerseys, the Zimbabwean Warriors one that I wore during the match with Egypt in Tunisia.

“And I want to give back to the community, the jersey that is signed by all the Sundowns players when I retired and also another Sundowns jersey,” said Nyandoro who was known for his trademark long-range strikes, hardness and nicknamed the ‘Yellowman’.

The decision to donate his jerseys wasn’t an easy one for the Bulawayo-born as he said that he would have loved to keep them but believes the “sacrifice is worth it” – donating to ensure that the SA and Zim community have masks and sanitizers to protect themselves against the deadly virus.

“Please be aware that this is so sentimental to Esrom, it is something that he can show his children, I mean he’s got four boys and these four boys would love to hold on to something that they can say my father was a legend and he played for Zimbabwe and in South Africa,” said Musvaburi.

The former defensive midfielder also played for Zimbabwe Saints FC, AmaZulu Bulawayo FC and now he is a scout at Sundowns.

“But he decided to let them [children] understand and tell them there are people who need these more, we need to save lives, Covid-19 has come to destroy and it has come to take people away and we can only come together and make sure this pandemic passes.

The auction is set to take place on Monday, April 27 via Nyandoro’s Instagram page from 20: 00. [@EsromNyandoro]

“One million masks and sanitizers for Zim and South Africa is a big number to think of but if we come together, other footballers have also come to this campaign and are willing to go ahead and fight this pandemic,” concluded Musvaburi

Sundowns faithful still hold Nyandoro in high regard and the 40-year-old now works as a scout for the club.

Summary of auction

  1. Zimbabwean Jersey worn by Esrom Nyandoro in opening match of Afcon 2004. Zimbabwe vs Egypt.
  2. Esrom Nyandoro boots.
  3. 2 Esrom Nyandoro signed Sundowns jerseys.

Guidelines to auction

  1. Sundowns jerseys and boots to be auctioned to general public. Highest bidder. Auction participation fee R1000. Maximum 200 participants.
  2. Zim jersey auction is by invitation. Auction participation fee USD 1000. Minimum opening bid USD 10k.

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By Tokelo Martin Mokhesi 

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