Palace opens up about Academica move


Two days after making a move to Portuguese second-tier side Academica on a one-year-deal, South African midfielder Genino Palace has opened up to FARPost about his new challenge while highlighting why he specially chose Academica as his new home.

FARPost’s Prince Sobayeni had a chat with the Stars of Africa graduate to congratulate him on his new move while trying to understand his plans.

PRINCE SOBAYENI: Genino first congratulations man wishing you all the best

GENINO PALACE: Prince thank you so much for the support brother, always appreciated I am happy.

P SOBAYENI: Tell us about the thinking behind taking the decision to make this move, I understand you have had a lot of injury setbacks in the past two years hey.

G PALACE: Yeah bro I have had an ankle injury that took me out for so long, but that’s in the past now. I think Academica is the perfect club for me at the moment to help me reach my goals, they have everything it takes for me to elevate my career to a higher level.

P SOBAYENI: Yes and I personally understand because you also needed a new environment to challenge yourself because your stay at Braga wasn’t exactly pleasant hey.

G PALACE: Certainly, man I also feel that way, the last 2 years in Braga have been a very difficult time for me. As soon as I signed my first ever professional contract with such a big club, I picked up a major injury and I have not played ever since.

Honestly, except for that injury I sustained it is during my time here that I have learnt a lot about the football culture in Portugal, so yes I think it’s a chance for me to start afresh and try my level best to go to the next level.

P SOBAYENI: It is my understanding that you will start with the club’s U-23 side while you acclimatise, right?

G PALACE: I signed a first-team contract, but I’ll start in the U-23 to gain match fitness in the meantime.

P SOBAYENI: Any short and long-term goals?

G PALACE: My main goal at this moment is for me to get game time, from there I can then build up my confidence again. Then obviously I would like to start playing regularly in the first team while staying injury-free and God willing move to a higher level.

P SOBAYENI: My brother always great catching up with you all the best for the season.

G PALACE: Thanks to FARPost for having me.

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By Prince Sobayeni

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