Papic responds to Motaung


Former Kaizer Chiefs head coach Kosta Papic has responded to the claims by the club’s chairman Kaizer Motaung that the only thing he did during his time in Naturena was to enjoy his smoke.

In 2007 the Serbian had an unfruitful three month spell in Naturena.
“He was just smoking,” Motaung was quoted by Sowetan Live.
Responding to Motaung, Papic said things would have been different in his spell with Amakhosi if he was afforded more time.
“If I had time like we discussed before the contract (was signed) to prepare the team for tgf next season, definitely not just smoking like in many clubs where I worked before and after,” Papic told FARPost.
“This is not about me. I smoked before Chiefs and after.”

Papic says despite what Motaung says about him, he does not regret joining the Naturena-based side.

Chiefs boss Kaizer Motaung.
“No!!! never, just the timing was not good, believe me even now, if I have time to prepare thd team for new season we will have a fantastic time.”
Asked if he really ever smoked during training sessions at Chiefs, he said.
“Oooo nooo, my friend I’m a professional football coach!! And not only coach who smoke, other (coaches) smoke even on the bench and have more than $10 million, bad habits not good for health but…that is not about smoking, that’s about work, results, commitment. I repeat, if I have time, what is our agreement, I believe we will achieve Chiefs’ ambition.”
The Ex -Orlando Pirates coach says he doesn’t know what makes Motaung talks this way about him.
“I really don’t know!!! But for my opinion he is a person who understands football more than anybody in the country. Time and circumstances make people to have mistakes but time also makes to forgive. Maybe he expected miracles from me in a short time, and I not deliver, that is what maybe make him disappointed, maybe.”
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