Pitso and the New contract: What it really means…


The football sector has been waiting in great anticipation and gaping breath on the situation of Pitso ‘Jingles’ Mosimane’s contract with Mamelodi Sundowns, during this traumatic period of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Lots of theories and unsubstantiated rumours had swelled our online and print media platforms, on the exact direction of this Pitso script, until the Sundowns President, Patrice Motsepe, concluded the movie by offering ‘Jingles’ a massive 4-year contract.

The FARPost Technical Study Group (TSG) will try to unbundle what this contract extension really means from all fronts.

1. Refined Philosophy

Mosimane’s Sundowns has been synonymous with a succulent possession-based football with a very distinct style, i.e crisp build-up play from the back, meticulous midfield entry with deft interpassing and the application of unpredictable finishing methods from any of the forward players.

Key members in the 2019/20 season were undoubtedly, Gaston Sirino and Themba Zwane. Both have the audacity to play in and out of the wing areas, subtly encroaching the half spaces, dominate the ball and finish the moves in the attacking zone.

Still, Sundowns were bundled out of the recent CAF Champions league campaign in the quarterfinal stages, and glaring weakness in their game were exposed including:

– Lack of a consistent goalscorer
– Failure to manage critical game-changing moments
– Too much dependency on certain individuals
– An obvious game model well analysed by their opposition on the continent.

In the light of the above mentioned facts, expect Mosimane to tweak his tactical approach in the coming season and beyond. Sundowns will alter their build-up speed (rotate the ball more faster), apply a better midfield pressing, use a more focal striker and improve their overall tactical dynamism from all transition moments

2. Scouting plans

Besides the enviable deep pockets of the Club President, the scouting processes for the current season was dismal. The team has an established structured recruitment strategy anchored in Africa and South America, delivering potent players capable of influencing the South African football landscape.

But, for Sundowns to dominate again, their transfer strategy and personnel must adapt to match their dominant opposition in North Africa (Al Ahly, Zamalek, Esperance and Raja Casablanca)

3. Aging team

The backbone of a successful onslaught for a championship winning team, lies in the combination of critical squad combination factors which include the following:

– Balance of experience and youth players
– Balance of experienced players in specific positions
– Strategic infusion of exceptional talent from outside
– Promotion of deserving youth players to the senior team

Although the Club has signed Jody February (24) and Grant Magerman (21), as well as the recent promotion to the first team of Promise Mkhuma (20), to reduce the average squad age and increase the necessary competition, more young players must be signed to significantly impact the overall scouting/ transfer plan positively.

The signing of George Maluleka (31) will add experience and substance to the midfield zone, but overall, it will negate the impact of February and Magerman acquisition.

Mosimane has to make a bold decision to phase out the old brigade sooner rather than later.

4. Coaches salaries

Sundowns has offered ‘Jingles’ a bumper financial package worth millions. Frankly speaking, Mosimane deserves it after the tremendous work he has done at the club, which includes a triumphant 2016 CAF Champions League trophy that represents the President’s objectives and strategic goals.

In short, Mosimane’s package includes a rumoured salary of R1 100 000 per month, R120 000 per 3 match winning bonus, 10% bonus on winning trophies, percentage on qualifying for group and knockout stages of the Champions league.

This substantial financial package will surpass R70 million over 4 years. What implications does it have on the current PSL coaches remuneration?

In the PSL, the lower tier coaches earn between R100 000-R150 000 and the upper tier coaches earn around R200 000-R600 000.

Maybe the Mosimane salary factor will definitely help these coaches to up the stakes and to work harder to increase their worth, but again, Pitso is no ordinary coach, his salary scale was measured for his combined success locally and in Africa, how times have really changed.

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By FARPost’s Technical Study Group

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