Players are ‘terrified’ of new handball rule, says Dier


Tottenham Hotspur midfielder Eric Dier says the new handball rule has made things more difficult for defenders as they now second guess themselves before going in for a challenge inside the box.

Dier’s handball last weekend against Newcastle raised questions about what constitutes a handball offence.

According to Reuters, the Premier League is looking at changing the handball law and are in talks with rule-making body IFAB as players and managers in the league stood united in their scathing criticism of how referees interpreted the new rule.

“You’re terrified in and around the box with the new rule. You don’t feel free to act, to try to play in a normal way,” said Dier.

“Sometimes it’s difficult because it’s something that can come back to bite you and is still an opinion.

“The fact that everyone seems to be of the same opinion, which is a rarity in football, makes it clear that things aren’t right. If the opposition manager is saying … that he doesn’t think it’s a penalty, which is also a rarity, it’s very clear.”

Dier went on to state that there are also conflicting rules that “make no sense” with respect to how referees view handball offences.

He is of the opinion that referees should award a penalty only if the offence was intentional or if the arm was in an unnatural position.

“If you’re too close, if you’re in close proximity and the ball hits your arm, it’s not a handball. If it hits a certain part of your arm, it’s not a handball. And if your arm is in a certain position, it is a handball,” added Dier.

“For me, it’s very clear. Is it intentional? Is an arm in a position it shouldn’t be? Those are the two questions you need to ask.”

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