Players face a no-win situation in wage debate – Wayne Rooney


Former England international Wayne Rooney says the power struggle over how Premier League footballers can financially assist in the fight against coronavirus is a disgrace and has players in a no-win situation.

Players have been urged to do more and the Premier League has also proposed a 30% salary pay cut.

The Derby Country striker Rooney says he is happy to offer support but asked: “Why are footballers suddenly the scapegoats?”

In his Sunday Times column, the 34-year-old added: “For the Premier League to just announce the proposal, as it has done, increases the pressure on players and in my opinion it is now a no-win situation: if players come out and say they can’t agree or are not willing to cut by 30%, even if the real reasons are that it will financially ruin some, it will be presented as ‘Rich Players Refuse Pay Cut’.

“Why? It feels as if it’s to shame the players – to force them into a corner where they have to pick up the bill for lost revenue.” He wrote.

Rooney has also questioned the timing of the Premier League’s proposed wage cuts when top-flight captains were already in discussions as to how they could set up a fund that would go to a charitable cause.

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By Ofhani Munyai

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