PLE to engage TV stations over broadcasting rights


The Premier League of Eswatini will soon engage Eswatini TV and Channel Yemaswati in order to find an amicable solution over the broadcasting rights.

This follows reports suggesting that the two television stations were stopped from broadcasting the Premier League matches played on Monday at the Mavuso Sports Centre.

The league matches are currently streamed live by MTN Eswatini using the Yello hub platform.

According to Swazi Observer, PLE Chairman Mark Carmichael said they would soon meet with the two stations to discuss the issue when reached for comment.

“We are still going to meet the two stations to try and find a solution on the issue which will suit all parties,” he said.

Carmichael has also expressed his gratitude over the COVID-19 compliance standards during the recent league games.

“We are quite happy with the manner in which the games proceeded as the necessary COVID-19 health protocols were followed in all the stadiums. We urge all stakeholders to continue adhering to the health protocols. We further commend the high level of competition shown by all the clubs,” added Carmichael.

Channel Yemaswati Director Qhawe Mamba confirmed that they were stopped covering the games on Monday at the Mavuso Sports centre. However, Mamba stated that they would be meeting with the Premier League of Eswatini.

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By Ofhani Munyai

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