Polokwane City keeper loses his father


The absence of Polokwane City and Zambia national team goalkeeper Cyril Chibwe has been explained.

The Rustenburg-born goalkeeper is currently not with Rise and Shine as he is busy with arrangements of the funeral of his father Paul Chibwe who recently passed away.

Chibwe sadly lost his father on Sunday after being ill for a while.

Last year Chibwe chose to represent the national team of the country of his parents birth Zambia to honour his father’s wish, and not the country of his birth South Africa.

According to the former Jomo Cosmos keeper, the club gave him compassionate leave so he could bury his father this weekend.

“I’m not (currently) training, lost my dad Sunday so I’m home,” he told FARPost.

“I’m happy he got to see me play for Zambia. He was sick, been in and out of hospital. Next week I’ll be back. The funeral is on Saturday in Rustenburg.

“It’s a big one for me (the loss of his father), especially after my games because we used to talk after my games. He used to tell me if I played (well) or not. Used to push me telling me to work harder. I’m going to miss him big time.”

Chibwe says the old man’s last words to him were: “Keep working hard and always know that I’m here for you…I love you son.”

By Musa Nhlapo

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