Professional football a pipe dream in Namibia


Namibia Football Association (NFA) acting secretary-general Franco Cosmos has said that it is far-fetched for the Namibia Sports Commission (NSC) to expect the Namibia Premier Football League (NPFL) to be a professional structure by February

NSC instructed that the new Premiership start on condition that it is a professional structure after rejecting the exiled Namibia Premier League’s application to be a second national body or league independent of the NFA.

The latest twist in the confusing administrative maze threatens to extend the Namibia domestic football drought into a third year.’

According to The Sport, in mid-November, the Committee of Eminent Persons (CEP) advised that the NFA abandon plans to start another top-flight league in favour of reconnecting with the exiled Namibia Premier League (NPL).

NFA acting secretary-general Franco Cosmos. 

While the NPL said it was open to recommence discussions, the NFA snubbed the CEP’s recommendations and is proceeding with constructing the NPFL.

“The new envisaged league is to become a professional league operating as a separate entity and that the league blueprint is submitted to the NSC before February 2021, as it is mandatory to ensure that we transform football from being semi-professional to professional before the league resumption,” said NSC chairperson Joel Matheus.

As it stands, no club in Namibia has a professional set-up. The majority of the teams have no discernible assets, office space, and are essentially run from briefcases with players paid meagre sums as per multiple reports.“Let’s push it. Let’s not sit and relax. I don’t see why we must deny our athletes an opportunity to get paper with reasons that things cannot improve by February. Things can improve, depending on the effort,” Matheus told The Namibian Sport.

“In reality, nothing is impossible, depending on the strategic effort and resources put in place, and if all the parties play their part. We cannot rule out that it is not possible,” he said.

“There’s many things that need to be done. We don’t just want to see this from a perspective of money. Even if you give billions of dollars to an institution that is not well organised, it will bring another challenge.”

Cosmos insists that Namibia lacks the financial, technical and infrastructure requirements to run a professional league

“He [Joel Matheus] must be joking. It requires a lot of money and expertise. He should look at how others are doing it,” said Cosmos.

“It’s not possible. It is not what Fifa advised us. The league can become professional after five years if we adhere to requirements; that’s what we got from Fifa. It’s a process, and Fifa is guiding us through that process,” concluded Cosmos.

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