Rakoma is taking chances – Mogashoa


In a new twist of events, the SAFA Capricorn Region war for power between Abel Rakoma and the Local Football Associations within the region seem to be far from over.

Jacky Mogashoa who was elected as the leader of the region in February this year before Rakoma was ‘reinstated’ by the court, insists Rakoma will not be allowed back into the offices post-national lockdown.

Mogashoa was speaking to the media at the SAFA offices in Polokwane on Tuesday following the burglary that took place on Monday.

“He is behaving in this manner because he wants to come back through the backdoor,” said Mogashoa.

“The President of SAFA Capricorn Region is Jacky Mogashoa who has been elected on 29 February 2020. Abel Rakoma was a President of SAFA until he was dissolved with his executives in 2018. He is taking chances and until such time that he produces the court order, we read it and understand the context of the court order.

“We have been reading in the media that he says he has been reinstated but we asked him to do the honourable thing and give us the court order,” he said.

According to a statement by SAFA national office dated 5 march 2020, Mogashoa was elected as the new President alongside Thomas Mulaudzi as the first vice president, Isaiah Maesela and Mrs Maria Mashilela as the second and third vice-presidents respectively.

“He thinks just because the court order is there then people should disappear under the tables and what I can tell you about that ‘hearsay’ court order, it allegedly says he has been reinstated as the regional Chair but it does not say anything about the current leadership which has been elected by the people. He cannot under any circumstances impose his leadership to the people,” concluded Mogashoa.

Mogashoa who was accompanied by his deputy Thomas Mulaudzi locked the offices in Polokwane this afternoon and vowed that they will ensure that Rakoma does not enter the premises again unless there is a court order that instructs them to vacate their positions.

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By Ofhani Munyai

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