Ramoreboli: We need to dominate games


Bafana Bafana assistant coach Morena Ramoreboli has urged his charges to be in control of their matches, while keeping their winning mentality.

Ramoreboli is busy with Bafana’s preparations for their semi-final clash against Mozambique today, 16 July (17:00).

Bafana defeated less fancied sides like Swaziland, Botswana and Lesotho before playing to a goalless stalemate against Zambia in their final match of the group.

The coach is impressed with his team, and believes they should be more dominant in their games.

“I believe that we are raising the bar and the players have raised up their hands to say we are ready to go to the semi-final and we’ll still continue to work hard,” he said.

“If (Victor) Letsoalo can manage to score three goals in one match and you bring in (Thabang) Sibanyoni from the bench, he gets a goal and you bring in (Kagiso) Malinga from the bench, he gets a goal.”

“That simply means we have fire upfront, we can get goals, but what we need to do now without being arrogant but to go out and dominate every game we play.

“We are now going to the final stage of the tournament, it’s a knockout stage, it’s crunch time, we need to fight with everything we have,” said Ramoreboli.

“You know before the tournament started we did what we call budgeting, what do we want to do, how many points do we want to accumulate.

“All these things we did them in preparation of the stage we are going to now, which is the semi-final,” he continued.

“They know that we are raising the bar now, as much as we played with a bit of structure, with a bit of discipline in terms of how we wanted to defend and how we  wanted to attack, now we are more aggressive in terms of getting results.

“This match, the unfortunate part is that you are not going to play a draw and hope to get a point, we want to finish the match as early as possible.

“For us to do that, we need to get a goal as early as possible, as we did against Lesotho. Part of our game will be more on how we approached the Lesotho game,” added Ramoreboli.

By Wonga Sirayi

FARPost’s KZN Reporter