Running Water FC coach threatens to quit


After a disheartening and below par performance by his side, Running Water FC coach Gabriel Morewa was left fuming and speechless, as his team lost 3-0 to Ethekwini Coastal FC at SJ Smith Stadium on Wednesday afternoon.

The Dundee-based outfit who are campaigning in the ABC Motsepe KwaZulu-Natal League were outplayed by Coastal FC to the dislike of the visibly despondent Morewa.

Commenting about his team’s performance after the match the coach told FARPost that missed chances and lack of commitment from his players led to their defeat.

“To lose a game like this is disappointing, we created a lot of chances but we could not convert and we were not sharp in front of the goal post.

“Then the other thing which is killing our football is this thing of Easter tournaments, a lot of the boys went to play in Easter tournaments and you could see in the second half the legs were out, that shows that they are not taking the team and their careers serious,” said Morewa.

The coach believes he has capable players who can take the team forward only if the can change their attitude.

“We do have good players, but they just need to take the team serious and take football serious, I am trying my level best to bring the best out of them but they are not meeting me halfway,” continued Morewa.

Morewa believes he cannot take it anymore and he would rather leave the team.

“Its hard, maybe in order for me not to destroy my coaching career, I’m also thinking of going home because I can’t coach people who are not serious, I think I need to consider that.”

“It might happen that tomorrow you hear that I resigned because they are not serious, I’ve never lost two games in a row, now it’s a third one because the boys are not serious, what can I say, what can I do?” asked Morewa.

By Wonga Sirayi

FARPost’s KZN Reporter

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