SA youngster dreams of following in Radebe’s footsteps


Leeds United were officially promoted back to the English Premier league this past weekend and the whole world came together to congratulate one of England’s most historic clubs for their return to the big time after a 16-year absence.

South African teenager Max McMillan who is a current Leeds academy player is thrilled to be part of this exciting period in the history of the club and says it was such a breath taking moment when the promotion happened.

“Being such a big club it’s been tough for all the fans and people associated with Leeds that it’s been 16 years without being in the Premier League. The atmosphere that’s been going on in Leeds and probably all around the United Kingdom has been phenomenal which shows how good of a fan base we have and it means so much to everyone,” says McMillan.

McMillan is currently involved with Leeds’ U18 and U23 development squads as he pushes towards the first team and the 17-year-old feels the move up will help them develop faster as young players something that will aid their bid to eventually be in the first team.

He also expressed his desire to follow in the footsteps of Bafana Bafana and Leeds legend Lucas Radebe.

“For me being as an academy player it’s very good as it makes our standards much higher because now there’s so much more to learn by playing top teams in the league. I hope one day I can make my debut for Leeds in the Premier League and make my childhood dream come true. Those goals come with a lot of hard work and dedication. I also hope that one day I do follow in the footsteps of Lucas Radebe who played for both Leeds United and South Africa,” concluded McMillan.

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By Prince Sobayeni

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