SAFA KZN to act on mischievous referees


After numerous incidents of poor officiating in the ABC Motsepe KwaZulu Natal League the football mother body in the province has promised to act.

Coaches and club bosses have had to contend with dubious decisions, which cost their clubs crucial points. SAFA’s intervention will surely be welcomed by a lot of teams.

Provincial chairperson Kwenza Ngwenya told FARPost that referees are messing up deliberately and they will deal with them, though there has not been a formal complaint from any team.

“It’s not like the standard of refereeing is low, it’s just few of them who are mischievous, but we are going to deal with them. We’ll follow up on the incidents that we’ve heard about and take action.

“On our upcoming meeting on Saturday, this issue will be dealt with by the provincial executive committee,” said Ngwenya.

SAFA has also responded to the issue of rules about U23 players that should start and finish games in the league which has been a challenge for many teams, including the payment of officials.

“There is no rule pertaining to substitutions of the U23 players during the 90 minutes. As long as all teams start their matches with five U23 players and they can make three changes to the five and the other two must finish the match.

“We are struggling with funds and match officials need to travel around the province for matches. The good thing is that in our province, it is the teams who decided that they will pay R750 for each and every match to the officials.

“That’s why we want to take action against irregularities by officials because the teams are working hard to raise those funds and then you find out that they do their mischief during matches.

“Teams will be getting their grants soon, we just need to submit the log and results, which will show that we are already in the second leg of the season. The national office will distribute the funds based on the number of games played, hence we need to submit all the results and the log, each team will receive an amount of R15 000 in total,” added Ngwenya.

Though there have been issues of abandoned games due to supporters flocking into the fields, SAFA DC will soon issue judgements on the teams.

“The DC will make a decision based on the reports submitted by our officials and the arguments from teams involved. Matches that were not played and the ones that were not finished will be dealt with by the DC,” concluded Ngwenya.

By Wonga Sirayi

FARPost’s KZN Reporter

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