Safa Limpopo on purchasing and sale of ABC League statuses


As the season looms large, Safa Limpopo has set new regulations concerning the purchasing and sale of ABC League Motsepe League statuses.

This comes after the willy-nilly buying and selling of statuses in the Provincial ABC League was raised during the Safa Limpopo ABC Motsepe Board of Governors meeting last Friday.

According to Safa Competition Uniform Rules, article 4.3.1 states: “No team shall be allowed to sell its franchise and relocate its home base unless such a transaction is sanctioned by Safa National Executive Committee on the recommendations of the Safa Competition Committee”.

It has come to their realization that individuals acquire illegal monies elsewhere and come clean it within the league by buying teams and sell the status again.

The decision taken is that the teams must follow article 4.3.1 when selling.

Meanwhile, the sale of Terrors FC has not been ratified by Safa in line with article 4.3.1. As a result, the club will remain at Waterberg unless if proper negotiations can be done in line with the above-mentioned article rule.

According to reports, Terrors’ franchise was set to be sold to Musina United, for a reported fee of R150 000. However, the governors felt they had to step in and save the plummeting value of their franchises.

Furthermore, the value of the ABC Motsepe League team is R1.6 million. Safa Limpopo ABC Motsepe Board of Governors stated that no status will be sold for anything less than R800 000 and teams shall pay an amount of R100 000 to Safa Provincial account and further R30 000 for a name change application before the sale can be approved, and that is not negotiable.

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By FARPost Reporter