Safa Limpopo set to open investigation into ABC League ‘controversial scoreline’


Safa Limpopo have confirmed that they have opened an investigation into the ‘controversial scoreline’ between The Dolphins and Makotopong Brazil.

This comes after the Limpopo promotion chasers [The Dolphins] defeated Makotopong Brazil 16-1 in the Provincial ABC Motsepe Limpopo clash on Wednesday.

The encounter got many people talking, as it is alleged that Dolphins bought the match.

“The results of fixture number 65 of group A, between The Dolphins FC and Makotopong Brazil are not captured due to pending submissions of that match related reports from all role players during that fixture, which might lead to an investigation with serious consequences if foul play can be found,” reads the statement.

“It must be noted that the controversial scoreline between the two teams is 16-1 in favour of The Dolphins. These kinds of incidents reflect badly on the province and more particularly ABC Motsepe League.

“The results are not speaking to the strength of our league and its readiness towards play offs. To an extent, they also impact negatively to South African Football Association, but not only that but also bringing the League and the sponsor into disrepute.”

With all being said, the results of this encounter are suspended due to pending reports.

Meanwhile, according to the Provincial updated log standings of Stream A, Dolphins are currently placed second on the table with 27 points from 13 outings.

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By Mauwane Raophala

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